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Second Chance


Second Chance

Hindi Drama

Prerna, an aspiring actress comes to Mumbai to chase her dreams. Sam enters in Prerna’s life. Prerna meets a casting director Manav and their friendship develops. Manav always supports her. Sam weaves a web with Angad against Prerna for the sake of money. Prerna decides to commit suicide but Manav encourages and convinces her to give a second chance to her life. Will Prerna be able to overcome her grief and fear? Will she be able to trust Manav?

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Divyanshi Dey, Somya Singh, Ankush Rampal, Saksham Arya


Ashish Bhatia & Naveen Saini


Ashish Bhatia


Jyoti Malhotra

Release Date:

April 22, 2022

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© 2022 F3 Studioz

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